We create sustainable material solutions through
custom chemistry and processing innovation

High-impact Solutions

We go beyond minerals to create differentiated
sustainable solutions for a range of industrial applications and needs.

Green by Nature & Design

We model the greening of mineral by providing key benefits to our customers:
-Reduced Energy Usage
-Reduced CO2 emissions
-Reduced Material Usage
-Improved Properties


Unmatched Resources

We leverage our precious resources—our people, our environment,
and our ingenuity—to deliver more with less

Our Qaqortorsuaq Operation on the West Coast of Greenland supplies high purity
anorthosite across the world with a minimal footprint. This unique mine and plant
are the foundation of our custom chemistry solutions.


People and our circular relationships are the lifeblood of our organization founded on respect, trust, and care. We believe in putting people first and working together with open and transparent communication.


We strive to have the highest possible environmental impact—in a positive way. We extract the most value from materials with the smallest possible footprint with the goal to leave no waste behind.


Ingenuity is a required aspect of survival in the arctic. We embrace thinking differently and doing the unconventional to not only survive, but thrive.

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