Lumina is a majority privately-owned business. We are shipping our key mineral Anorthosite from our plant in Greenland to customers on 3 continents. We are developing infrastructure for growth in North American and Europe while exploring additional materials and technologies to support our strategy.

Lumina, previously known as Hudson Greenland, began in 2013 as an exploration project by Hudson Resources Inc. Construction began on the Greenland Qaqortorsuaq site in 2017 with the first shipment in 2019. We are proud to operate in Greenland and value our deep ties to local communities.

Our people and our circular relationships are the lifeblood of our organization founded on respect, trust, and care. Our Guiding Principles are: 1.) People matter most 2.) Do the right thing the first time 3.) Listen, Learn, Adapt 4.) Context is critical 5.) Pride in our Resources

Our primary mining operations are located 80 km West of Kangerlussuaq on the west coast of Greenland. Lumina Headquarters: Nuukullak 2, Suite 104 3900 Nuuk, Greenland US Operations: 1195 Benson St. River Falls, WI 54022

Our Vision: Lumina is an innovative material science company tackling today’s most pressing manufacturing challenges with industry-leading sustainability. We develop high impact products that extend beyond industrial minerais through custom chemistry and processing solutions. We believe in intimate customer partnerships where we can create value-added solutions to differentiate our customers products.

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Brian Hanrahan

Greenland/General Corporate

Bent Olsvig Jensen

Company Headquarters

Nuukullak 2, Suite 104 3900 Nuuk, Greenland

US Operations

1195 Benson St. River Falls, WI 54022

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